Bingo Becomes Fun Again

There’s a sense of unparalleled excitement brewing in the 75-ball bingo game as the last remaining balls are drawn. Eyes dart between the current pattern shown on the screen and their collection of cards quickly brimming with blotched-out numbers. You can almost feel the players’ nervous anticipation swirling throughout the room as they eye their cards, hoping to be the first to shout out an emphatic ‘Bingo!’ once their ball appears.

But something is different about this particular bingo room. For starters, these players can’t see their fellow bingo companions. There are no tables or chairs, no bingo daubers, no game announcer, not even a physical bingo hall for the game to be played in!

Welcome to – the Internet’s largest online bingo hall. With over 1 million registered players, and thousands more joining the flock each week, proudly boasts one of the premier gaming communities on the web. What keeps the players coming back you ask? That’s easy – a truly first-class user experience. prides itself on being host to the best customer service in the business. Their friendly webs are always available to chat and share some laughs, and their customer service department strives to make each game and player experience a truly enjoyable endeavor.

Whether you’re looking to lounge back with the free bingo games, or try your hand at the brand new cash games, is your destination for non-stop online bingo action. There are so many ways to get in on the excitement!

Put quite simply, your chances of hitting a big one at are better than anywhere else you’ll find. You never know who will get lucky next … It could be you!

5 Betfair Trading Tips

1. Back high, lay low / lay low, back high.

This is essentially the key to becoming a successful Betfair trader. Of course it’s easier said than done, but this is how you can consistently make steady profits over time. The key is to specialise in a market that you have the most expertise in. For me this was primarily the FTSE markets, both the hourly markets, and the longer-term midday and daily markets. I used traditional charts used by traditional forex and futures traders such as RSI, stochastics, MACD, moving averages, etc to give myself an edge and identify future price movements to trade on Betfair.

2. Don’t be afraid to back very low odds.

A lot of professional gamblers have in the past made consistent profits just from backing near-certainties at extremely low odds. For example, I know of one pro gambler who made a nice sum of money just from backing selected international teams to defeat San Marino in football for about five years. Yes the odds were very low, but he never lost a single bet on this particular selection. Betfair, and betting exchanges in general, offer a lot of these very low prices every day across various markets, particularly in-running markets. Obviously you don’t want to back them all blindly, as you will occasionally come unstuck, but be selective and use your expertise in a particular area to identify these almost no-lose bets. I’ve placed numerous trades at these low odds on the financial markets, and have made considerably more than I have lost.

3. Don’t follow the crowd.

As human beings we like to be part of a crowd, and this is often very apparent in the world of betting. Let’s take a test match as an example. It only needs a commentator to mention that it has just started spotting with rain, and you will often see the price for the draw plummet, as traders rush to back the draw. Often as a result of this, the actual price of the draw will dip below the true value of what the price should be. Therefore you can lay this price and hope to back it back later at a higher price, guaranteeing a profit, when the market activity and rush to back the draw dies down. These market overreactions can be very profitable for pro traders, ie those of us who don’t follow the crowd.

4. Make use of statistics and trading tools.

To be consistently profitable you need to arm yourself with as much knowledge and information as possible. For example, when trading the financial markets, I use various charting facilities, a live monitor, live futures prices, live news feeds, etc, to identify strong trading positions. Similarly when I trade the horse racing prices, I use oddschecker to compare bookmakers prices with Betfair’s prices, and help me find any price discrepancies.

5. Don’t chase losses.

This is absolutely crucial, and will ultimately determine whether you are cut out to be a trader. Of course no trader, however successful, will profit from every bet or trade they make, so the key is to accept the occasional loss as inevitable, and not to place rash bets to try and win back any losses straight away. Stay disciplined. If you’ve developed profitable trading methods, then you don’t need to chase losses as you know you will make steady profits over time.

Top Five Online Slot Machine Tips

If you have decided to enjoy online slots games, you should take a few minutes and read up on some tips you can follow which will help you to see better results. There are some things you can do which are very simple, but also effective at helping you have a more enjoyable slots playing experience all around. You should keep these five online slot machine tips in mind when you set out to play the slot machines at an online casino:

One of the best online slot machine tips you can follow is to make sure you do your research and choose the right online casino. There are many online slot machine players who started out on the wrong site and ended up looking for a new one shortly after. You can find the right online casino the first time as long as you choose one with stable software, a great game selection, a good reputation, excellent customer support, and generous bonuses, do this you can on special review websites like this Cabaret Club Casino.

Another online slot machine tip to follow is to pay attention to the payout percentages listed at the online casino you are thinking about playing at. The payout percentages will tell you what percentage the online casino pays out to their players. This doesn’t mean that you can count on winning a certain amount, but it is a good guide for you to go by. If you are playing on an online slot machine that has a progressive jackpot, you will do best to make sure that you bet the maximum on it.

Many players get upset finding out that they would have won that huge jackpot if they had only bet the maximum. This is why it is so important to pay attention to the slot machine you are playing on and understand what you need to do to have a chance at the big win. You also want to make sure you take a realistic look at your budget and make sure you play within that budget. A good money management system is very important to anyone who plans on playing the online slot machines.

One other very important online slot machine tip you want to make sure you keep in mind is you should always take the time to fully understand the slot machine you are going to be playing. Not all slot machines are the same and you should know the differences of the one you plan on playing. By following these simple tips, you will be able to get better results from your time playing the online slot machines!

Difference Between Download And No Download Online Casino Games

What Is The Difference Between Download And No Download Online Casino Games?

Before one steps into the exciting world of online casino games and starts gambling, it is important for every player to understand the difference between download and no download online casino games. Each type of these download and no download games at online casinos have their own features and characteristics which may attractive all online players in their own way. Read on to know all on the topic. In case of download online casino games, one will see better graphics, more convincing sound and an enhanced gaming experience. The user interface will be friendlier with smooth animations and the download time is also short. The downside of download online casino games is that the complete software package may consume up100 to 350 MB of the hard drive space on your computer. Moreover you cannot login to your player account from any computer, unlike the no download online casino games.

Let us discuss the no download online casino games now. This version of online casino games is characteristically powered by Flash technology. All one needs is a Flash plug-in installed on their computer, load the online casino games and start playing. One has the complete freedom of playing from any computer in the world. There is no need to re-download the software every time. It is definitely faster than the download online casino games. But one needs to have fast internet connections as a slow internet can slow your game unless one is using a dial-up connection. As compared to download online casino games, you may not find the graphics and sound that attractive and realistic.

Download and no download games at online casinos, which one should one opt for?. Well, it is entirely a player’s prerogative. Each has its own pros and cons. With the difference between download and no download online casino games being quite distinctthe choice is finally yours!

An Answer To Are Online Casinos Fair And Honest Here

Are Online Casinos Fair And Honest?

Are online casinos fair and honest? The first time online players will have lots of doubts and apprehensions about gambling at online casinos. They are more concerned about playing at only safe online casinos. Let us discuss about fair and honest online casinos in this article.

Most online casinos are safe. Recognizing that security is of paramount importance to online players, the reputable operators and honest online casinos have gone to extensive lengths in order to protect a player’s details. Having encrypted connections of military strength, means that your information, which includes details about your credit card or e-wallet, is scrambled to prevent it form falling in wrong hands and the online cash transactions can be carried out safely.

If one has chosen to play only at reputable online casinos, then it is very rare to hear of players being cheated or being the victims of fraud or non-payment. Of course, it is the players responsibility too to take all the precautions when looking for fair online casinos.

One should never reveal their account username or password. Fair and honest online casinos only operate using well-known software like Microgaming, Cryptologic, Playtech.

An online casino you choose to play has a built-advantage for those that host the game i.e. the casino, which is known as the house edge. It basically means that in the long-run the casino will make money on any of the games that they offer. The players, of course, stand a good chance of beating the odds and win money in short term.

Gambling at honest online casinos means one will have no problem collecting winnings or requesting a balance. Most licensing jurisdictions necessitate online casinos to express their financial stability before they will be granted permits. But again, as a player, one should research an online casino before playing. There is always the risk of something going wrong as with any financial transaction. Ensure that the online casinos are confident in their operations and transactions.

Before concluding, it is important to mention that although most of the online casinos that you will come across will be fair and honest, there are still many out there just to make a quick buck. Therefore, it is important to fully research an online casino, regarding details on ownership, playing policies, cash handling policies. Fair and honest online casinos have good support options and are transparent in their operations.